Coffee Shop Family Outing

Friday, September 9, 2011

Joe sipped espresso and read theology books.  I ate a warm cinnamon roll and watched Sisi play happily in the kiddie corner.  It was blazing hot outside but nicely air conditioned inside.  Everything was peaceful, everyone was content.   And I realize, THIS is how I imagined parenthood would be.

Most of the time, parenthood is nothing like my fantasies.  But there are moments that far exceed my wildest dreams, like when Sisi awkwardly puts her mouth on my face- her first attempts at kissing. 

I love that this coffee shop has a wonderful kid's nook with toys and books.  Wish Peet's had something like that!
Then back to reality.  After leaving the coffee shop, Sisi was in a horribly grumpy mood. She also woke up screaming from 10:30pm-12am, crushing my hopes that she was now officially sleeping through the night again (after 5 glorious days of 11+ hours straight).  Like all pleasant dreams, it was great while it lasted :) 


Sarah September 12, 2011 at 12:27 PM  

Whhaaaat? I need a coffee shop with a cute kid corner. What a fun family outing. Hey sorry I couldn't go to the mommy outing you invited me to. I would have loved too, but I was preparing for my baby's birthday party. I totally want to get together though. What's your schedule like next week?

- Sarah

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