Lookbook Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our lookbook shoot went swimmingly!  With two uber-pretty models (Adrienne and Laura Ann), a talented and energetic photographer (Juneberry Photography),  and gorgeous makeup and hair by Flawless Faces, how could we go wrong?

This new collection is full of wearable, girl-next-door looks with just a touch of sassy sparkle.  I wanted these pieces to look equally perfect in the ballroom, chapel, seashore or rose garden.  Classic looks with just enough dazzling detail to make them heirloom-worthy.  

Here is a little sampling of what's to come...

And if you're curious about what things looked like backstage, have a looksie!  The photographer Jessie also happens to have a background in hair styling, so she kindly touched up the girls' hair in between shots.  A woman of many talents! (I couldn't have done this without you Jessie- thanks so much!) 

Can I just add that I wish I were super tall and thin like my gorgeous models?  Shopping for their gowns was such a breeze; these girls looked stunning in everything!  As for me, dress shopping means heading straight to the petite section or chopping off at least 1/3 of the dress.


A Very Good Christmas (and Sisi is 23 months)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some of the highlights:  
-Paleo Christmas breakfast with pumpkin pancakes (recipe from Hellobee) and bacon frittata.
-Joe built Sisi a wooden boat that doubles as a bridge when you flip it over.  It's amazing!  She cried when she saw it under the tree, but not happy tears. Overwhelmed and anxious tears.  It takes her a little while to warm up to new toys/people/experiences, but I'm sure before long it will be her favorite.  Don't worry hubby; your hard work was worth it!
- A small, no frills Christmas dinner with my family.
-14th Annual Girls' Christmas Party (am I really that old?) with my high school clique!
-This year, Joe and I didn't give each other big presents, we just did stocking stuffers.  We loved that so much I think we'll do that from now on.  I was so touched at how well my hubby knows me- he gave me herbal coffee, fancy tea, the new Smashing Pumpkins cd, raw black soap, and a phone charger for my car (my phone is always just about to run out of juice).
-I made a plethora of (ugly but yummy) paleo treats, including peppermint patties and chili chocolate truffles from Elana's Pantry.

(Sisi with a mouth full of macademia nuts)

 (Sisi looks just like Joe, right?; homemade tree topper made of a styrofoam ball, chopsticks, and thumb tacks; stuffed stockings, Sisi and me.)  

 (reindeer got ran over by a toddler; stockings; the infamous boat/bridge; puppy naps.) 

(bacon frittata; boots; my sister; wonky village I made when I was 10.)  

 (Sisi helps mix the pancake batter) 

And oops, in the midst of holiday hooplah we completely missed Sisi's 23rd month.  So this post can be double duty!  Happy 23 months my beautiful girl!  Her next and final month-by-month post will be her 2 Year post.  Unbelievable!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas! It's not over yet, Christ the King reigns forever! 


Christmas Around Here

Monday, December 17, 2012

It might finally look like Autumn outside, but it's as Wintry as it gets in Orange County...

 (leaves; banner by joyful joyful; shopping with nana, mantel decor.)
 (secret santa gift of fox slippers and amazing BB&B candle (thanks Nicole DeAnn!); raindrops on petals, citron scarf.)
(pom pom wreath; toy shopping; nativity scene, tree bark reindeer)

Sisi, Joe and I are all suffering from some strange flu-like sickness.  Sisi has it worst of all (is there anything sadder than a suffering, puking toddler?) But on the flip side, Sisi's been super cuddly and I even got to sleep next to her on her floor 2 nights in a row.  Any mommy knows what a treat that is, even under such crappy circumstances. I'm just glad the flu hit us this week and not next!

Christmas is next week! Who's excited???

Coming up soon:  Fun behind the scenes pics of Petal and Thorn's recent lookbook photoshoot.  Visit us on facebook to see a few teasers from the shoot, and 'like' us while you're at it :)


My Life in Cell Phone Pics! 12/7/12

Friday, December 7, 2012

 We picked out a tree!  I'd love to say we picked it for sentimental reasons, but truth is it was cheap cheap cheap.  Here it is, still undecorated a whole week after we bought it :/

I bought this unknown veggie at the farmer's market.  Apparently it's called yum choy, and it is indeed yum. Like broccoli but more flavorful, and the pretty yellow blooms are edible!
New festive masquerade masks! 
 And a delicate bleached peacock feather butterfly.
There's a new Boston Terrier in town named Bella (my bro's dog).  And my windows are embarassingly filthy. But with 2 dogs and a greasy toddler running around it seems like a losing battle to even try to keep windows clean.  Can I get an amen?
Have you seen buttercup squashes?  What will they think of next?
Advent calendar tasks are being completed (late, and out of order, but they are getting done.)  Joe seemed apprehensive of scheduling out holiday cheer, but I definitely kept each day's task simple and doable. Like "sing a Christmas song" or "bake paleo cookies" (which I pretty much do every day).  We're not big overachievers when it comes to holiday rituals, but this calendar is helping us establish some fun new traditions for posterity's sake.
 Green smoothie smiles! Hard to get a pic of a toddler high on green smoothie energy.
 Tea party with her "todo" (turtle) lawn mower.  Funny kid!
 And my first attempt at paleo mayonnaise ("baconnaise") was a big fat FAIL.  It tasted like bacon frosting, which is even nastier than it sounds.  Next time, I'll try olive oil instead of bacon grease.  And to anyone wondering, my cholesterol and triglycerides are just fine :)

Have a super lovely weekend!