5 Cute Things

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I stopped doing regular monthly posts for Sisi when she turned 2 years old, but here is a little update on how our little one is growing!

1. After weaning her off bottles around age 2, she started requesting "kids tea" before bed.  We make her some chamomile or mint tea with a splash of coconut milk. She sips and savors it while we read stories before bed.

2.  After every bath, she curls up into a ball in her towel and requests a back massage.  I sometimes find her giving her ducky blanket a back massage, or the dogs.  I'm sure the dogs love it (not.)

3.  She will be a flower girl next month!  Here's a sneak peek :)  Pretty princess, holding a toy car of course!

4.  She calls Carl's Jr. "happy faces star restaurant".

5.  Last week, as Joe left the house to help butcher this year's cow, she yelled, "Bye daddy!  Have fun with the cow!  Daddy's getting the cow!"  I think she imagines he'll be bringing back a pet cow someday, and not a freezer full of meat.

Two year olds are fun!  She's become quite bossy, but that's as close as we've gotten to the "terrible two's" (so far.)  I'll continue to do updates from time to time!  


Berry Crafty!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I hosted a Jamberry themed baby shower for my good friend Aime yesterday.  What a sweet time!  I'll share pictures soon, but here is a sneak peek at some of the decor.

This first project was something I pinned on my Fun DIY Projects board (check me out on Pinterest!)  Supposedly people use these painted rocks to deter birds from eating their real strawberries.  I just thought they were cute.  

Sisi insisted on painting her own rocks!

Then I put my Silhouette Cameo to work and cut little strawberry blossoms.  I used some spray painted thumb tacks as the centers and hot glued them to twigs.  I also added some adorable felt blueberries.  I figured the more non-perishable decor I could make ahead of time, the less stressed I'd be on the day of the shower.  All these projects were super cheap, too.

And of course, no ex-florist is gonna leave out fresh flowers.  I chose country flowers in bright berry shades.  

Decorating for parties (especially for wonderful, appreciative friends!) is super fulfilling, and so much less stressful than decorating for weddings.  


Sunday Best

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On Easter Sunday, we dressed up a little bit more than usual for church.  

I wore a white pencil skirt, white bow blouse, and a sweater I bought for my college graduation 7 years ago. It's the sweater that I just can't let go of (probably because it's like the only thing I've ever bought full price.)

Sisi's dress is from H&M.  

For Joe, jeans and a polo shirt is practically black tie apparel.  Immediately after church, he changed into board shorts and a T shirt, and gave a big sigh of relief to be out of his "dressy" clothes.  

I though these were the perfect Easter shoes.
Later that day, we hung out at Nana's and Sisi hunted for eggs.

I specifically asked for no candy in the eggs, and was so shocked when my mom actually obeyed my orders!  Sisi adored her treasures.  Especially the small box of raisins.  

Did you dress up for Easter Sunday?