Instafriday 7/27/2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another week of summer fun! 

Today I was able to articulate to a friend what I love most about being a stay-at-home-mom.  When I was working a job, there was always a sense of being burdened or shackled by it, even if I loved it, because I wanted more time to enjoy life's simple pleasures.  But when I was unemployed,  there was too much time, not enough structure. Grass is always greener, right?

As a SAHM, I'm able to swim in the lake, lay out in the sun, meet friends for coffee, and walk around the mall when most people are stuck in their cubicles.  And yet I don't feel lazy or indulgent, because I'm doing my job, and my day has structure and routine.  Grass is pretty green over here at the House of Brancaleone! 

Tree climbing: Joe is getting in touch with his inner child.
 Storytime at the library- Sisi's butt remains glued to my lap the entire time, but she seems to be loosening up just a little. 
 Yum!  Pork tenderloin cooked with bacon!  Redundant?
 Crafting with texture...
 I bought two pairs of obnoxiously bright boyfriend shorts from Gap.  Super comfy and flattering.  I returned the indigo blue ones because they remind me too much of the ultra-lame culottes (sp?) I was forced to wear in children's choir. 
 Mama and baby in the water again, just like that very first day (she's a lot less slippery now)
 Both Joe and his dad are superb drummers.  Chip off the old block?

Things I'm loving lately:  RAW coconut water (sooo much tastier than pasteurized, and it's naturally pink!), sushi, and wild bouquets with no color scheme or theme whatsoever.

I am pretty sure I'll get the real instagram app next week for my droid.  For some reason, I'm scared to join yet another social media thingy.  I'm not that good at it! Anyway, you should follow me.  I'll update you on that once I take the plunge.


Siena is 18 Months!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've always looked ahead to that 18 month mark with a bit of anxiety.  The infamous "18 month sleep regression". The very last Wonder Week in the book (can you believe we worked our way through all those storm clouds?).  The month when you're "supposed" to wean off the bottle (we didn't.)  The month my potty training book says we can start pottying (we didn't.) 

Sure, Sisi's tantrums are increasing in intensity, and I've been the victim of of baby abuse (I have a gnarly scar on my cheek to prove it!) but she is SO beautiful, SO curious, and SO goofy at this stage. 

Joe tried to take pics in the morning, but it was meltdown central.  He was able to snap some pics at our friend's sushi party.  Sisi wore her sushi shirt (<--tongue twister!)


Sisi at a glance:
  • Tells me "pee peeeeeee" when she is doing her business.  ("Pee pee" refers to both #1 and #2.) 
  • Says "cheese" when she needs help (trying to say "please".)  
  • Getting really into seafood- shrimp, squid, and even oysters.  
  • Her hair is now the exact length and texture of Joe's.  
  • Major stranger anxiety, even with family and friends that she's met before.  Very clingy with me.  
  • Starting to understand the concept of delayed gratification.  I can tell her "first we get dressed, then we buckle up in the car, then you can have some grapes" and she'll patiently go through all the motions, even helping me get her dressed, so she can have her grapes.  
  • Walking really well, even trying to run.  She still crawls down steps, or on unfamiliar surfaces.  
  • Obsessed with Elmo still.  


Instafriday 7/19/2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

life rearranged

Over the weekend, Joe was away on his paleo adventure.   

I was nervous about being alone for 3 days, but we kept busy and did just fine.  It was a little tough not being able to pass Siena off to daddy, but it was also nice not cooking big meals or cleaning. It made me realize that being a housewife is actually a huge part of my job as a stay-at-home-mom. 

Joe returned even more fit and tan than when he left, if that's even possible!   Sisi crawled into his lap, and then held his hands and dragged him all over the house, as if to give him the grand tour (in case he forgot).  Such a sweet reunion! 

This mint wet n' wild nail polish hasn't chipped all week, surprisingly!  I highly recommend it.
 We don't usually see the sunset, since we're always tucking the baby in early.  But this was a date night- thanks mom and dad in law!
 Pesto ate more baby poo, and immediately got a bath and thorough mouth-scrubbing.  Arg, why are my dogs harder to handle than my child? 
 The book Sweet Potato Power made me fall in love with antioxidant-packed Okinawan sweet potatoes all over again.  
 We have the potty.  We have the book.  We don't yet have the guts to start.  Sisi likes to sit on the potty and say "pee pee" while pretending to read the book, though.  It's cute!

 Champagne grapes are way too cute!  A tiny cluster will keep her occupied for 1/2 an hour because she eats them tiny grape by tiny grape.  It's great!
 Some weeks I'm a loner and stick around the house, but this week we were quite the social butterflies.  We met with friends for picnics, lunch dates, and shopping trips.

I always wanted a twin!  Why do all us half asians look alike?? 
picture borrowed from my friend Amy's instagram!
 Ciao, friends!


Featured: The Knot Magazine

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I retired from The Treasured Petal a few years ago, but it's still fun to see my floral work featured, especially in national print!

Photos of Kim and Mike's floral arrangements, captured by the wonderful Orange Turtle Photography, were recently featured in The Knot Magazine!  Although the article made no mention of me (florists always get the shaft) I am pretty sure they liked the flowers, considering it was an article all about florists.  :)

What an honor!  Kim is a dear friend of mine, and also happens to be a creative genius. Her wedding was one of my last, and my only destination wedding. I was also newly pregnant, and in a state of giddy shock the entire time. I'll always remember it!


Guest Post!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Head over to A Girl In Transit to see my guest post about the "white lies" we tell to our kids' pediatricians. 

Congratulations Sarah on your beautiful brand new baby boy!!!!!!

That is all, enjoy your weekends!


Instafriday 7/13/12

Friday, July 13, 2012

life rearrangedToday I'm a little anxious because Joe's going away on a paleo adventure for 3 days.  I've never been alone in the house with Siena overnight, and Joe and I aren't separated very often, so my heart's a little heavy.  But I know I'm just being a wuss- I'll be fine! 

It's Instafriday, which means you get to see the wonderful minutia of my week via cell phone pics.

 Paleo Pizza Frittata (recipe here)
 Watermelon time!  She's so thorough, she scrapes away everything except a 1 mm thick green rind.
 Heat wave made doggies sluggish.
 Farmer's market!
 I watched all 54 episodes of Dance Academy (a dorky Australian teeny bopper show) in one week.  It's that awesome! 
 Doggy massage services on the beach.
 Etsy crafting.
 Super tasty but super UGLY paleo cookies and cupcakes.  I actually think pastries taste better when they're ugly.
 Coppertone baby!
 Blow up pools are a hassle- this whale tub works great!


Just Listed! Lilypad Pillow

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I pledge to create a new ring bearer pillow each season to capture it's "essence". This summer's pillow is the Lilypad Pillow.  Cute, huh? 

A real moss pillow is wrapped with twine and pearls, and topped with soft metallic leather lilypads and a cream silk lotus flower. Each petal is hand-folded.  A cluster of pearls adorns the flower. Tie the rings on with the sturdy leather cords (if you trust your ring bearer!  If not, use Cracker Jack rings instead.)  

 Already brainstorming Autumn's pillow!


Costa Rica Packing List

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Am I a dork for already making a packing list for our January trip?  I'm excited, what can I say?  My selection of bathing suits and straw hats won't be as good in the Winter anyway. 

I'm hoping to pack super light since I'll be sharing my suitcase with diapers, wipes, and toys. I'm pretty much a miserable over-packer, but I have plenty of time to whittle down to the bare necessities.  These are some of the must-haves.  
Costa Rica Packing List

Activewear pants

Flip flop shoes

Nook heavy bag

Rag bone beach hat

Printed Contact Lens Case

Notes, from upper left:
Straw hat- not too big to be annoying, not too small to be useless
Yoga pants- for hikes and yoga classes
Colorful contact case- because it really sucks losing your contacts on vacation.
Rainbow sandals- my first pair lasted 3 years of almost DAILY use (and traveled the world!) I'm definitely due for another pair.
Avon Skin So Soft bug repellent- bugs LOVE me.  although i hate to use chemical products, Avon SSS is deet free and supposedly gentler than the rest.  i like the idea of bringing SSS towelettes, so you can apply it exactly where you want it, no chemicals up the nose.
Kindle and Kindle case-  this trip is the perfect excuse to buy a kindle.  shoulder strap will be handy on bike rides
Tennis shoes- the closest thing I own to tennis shoes is my Toms.  I've been needing an excuse to buy some proper shoes, and these should work well for hiking through the jungle.
Linen shorts and linen shirt- more practical coverup than a sarong, transitions well from the beach to a restaurant.
Linen pants- it's going to be HOT and sweaty, these should dry out nicely.