Siena is 18 Months!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've always looked ahead to that 18 month mark with a bit of anxiety.  The infamous "18 month sleep regression". The very last Wonder Week in the book (can you believe we worked our way through all those storm clouds?).  The month when you're "supposed" to wean off the bottle (we didn't.)  The month my potty training book says we can start pottying (we didn't.) 

Sure, Sisi's tantrums are increasing in intensity, and I've been the victim of of baby abuse (I have a gnarly scar on my cheek to prove it!) but she is SO beautiful, SO curious, and SO goofy at this stage. 

Joe tried to take pics in the morning, but it was meltdown central.  He was able to snap some pics at our friend's sushi party.  Sisi wore her sushi shirt (<--tongue twister!)


Sisi at a glance:
  • Tells me "pee peeeeeee" when she is doing her business.  ("Pee pee" refers to both #1 and #2.) 
  • Says "cheese" when she needs help (trying to say "please".)  
  • Getting really into seafood- shrimp, squid, and even oysters.  
  • Her hair is now the exact length and texture of Joe's.  
  • Major stranger anxiety, even with family and friends that she's met before.  Very clingy with me.  
  • Starting to understand the concept of delayed gratification.  I can tell her "first we get dressed, then we buckle up in the car, then you can have some grapes" and she'll patiently go through all the motions, even helping me get her dressed, so she can have her grapes.  
  • Walking really well, even trying to run.  She still crawls down steps, or on unfamiliar surfaces.  
  • Obsessed with Elmo still.  


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