DIY Stackable Ombre Rhinestone Headbands

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

During Sisi's naptime today, I made these stackable rhinestone headbands to send in a care package to a friend.  They are so easy and mindless to make.  They also look happy and Springy, and I can't wait to play with other color combos.  I'm thinking black/green/pink (watermelon colors) next!

DIY Stackable Ombre Rhinestone Wrapped Headbands 

  • super thin metal headbands
  • tacky glue or glue gun
  • rhinestone trim (I think smaller rhinestones (2 mm) are more wearable for everyday, but chunky rhinestone trim could be pretty for a bride!)  
  • embroidery floss in 3 different colors (I used graduated pink tones for an ombre look!)
  • Cut enough rhinestone trim to cover the length of the headband
  • Do 5 or 6 spots of glue on the headband, and attach the rhinestone trim.  It doesn't have to be a permanent bond- just enough to hold the rhinestones in place while you wrap the band.  
  • In between each rhinestone, wrap the floss 3 or 4 times around the band.  Do this the whole length of the headband.  
  • To start the wrapping process, I simply tied a few knots around the band several rhinestones from the end, then wrapped downward toward the tip and back up over the knots to secure them.
  • To end the wrapping process, I tied a knot a few rhinestones from the end, wrapped back over the knots, cut the floss, and used a little glue to secure the frayed end.   
Get wild! 
  • Try a strand of pearls, beads, or crystals to mix up the look!  Note that you won't be able to measure out and cut the length of the bead/pearl strand ahead of time because you won't know for sure how far apart the beads/pearls will be until you wrap them.  
  • Alternate colors of floss on one headband to create a striped or color-blocked look.  
  • Use super thin ribbon, rope, baker's twine, leather, or fabric to wrap.
  • Spread 'em out or wear them close together.


New Petal and Thorn Site (and discount!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Announcing the new Petal and Thorn shop! It's prettier, simpler, and way more organized than our etsy shop ever dreamed of being. If we were a brick and mortar shop, there would be hot pink balloons, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and (organic) snow cones.  But we're an online boutique, so how about a sweet discount instead?

20% off your entire order, just use the coupon code GrandOpening when you checkout.  Easy peasy!

This means the etsy shop will close down in a couple of days, probably for good.  Definitely for the better.  But if you see anything in clearance that you'd like to snag, please order NOW or forever hold your peace.

On an unrelated note, I'm finally getting the hang of Pinterest. It seems like I'm always slow to catch onto new social media thingys. I spent a few months of lukewarm half-hearted pinning, but now I'm officially addicted. Follow Petal and Thorn on Pinterest!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can think of no better occasion to wear a super sexy masquerade mask, can you? 

red  lace mask with chiffon ruffles
I always loved Valentine's Day growing up. Every year, my dad bought us a big heart-shaped box of See's Candy chocolates.  I would eat the whole thing in 1-2 days (except I always left the rum raisin flavor and the lemon truffle- just not my thing.)  This year, I'm on the paleo diet, but I think I'll let myself splurge on one chocolate and the always-appreciated free sample.  Is it lame that I just spent the last 5 minutes zoning out, dreaming about which chocolate I will choose (hmmm... butterscotch square or bordeaux?)

Joe and I don't usually make a big hooplah out of Valentine's Day. We'll probably eat sushi, see a movie, and cuddle.  I'd say our daily lives are pretty lovey dovey, we don't tend to save it all up for V-day.  What are you guys up to this year?

As far as gifts, I found these man-cans (man candles) that I think Joe might like. I'm convinced that most guys do secretly like scented candles. They are in soup cans, and have manly scents like "New Mitt", "Cigar", "Campfire", and "Bacon."  I chose two scents  for Joe that don't gross me out too bad and I won't mind burning in our home (I won't tell you which ones because he reads this blog and it's a surprise.)  The rest of his gift is a secret.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Give big hugs and kisses to all the people who make your life a little brighter.


Paleo Diet in Costa Rica

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here's how we did it!  In case you don't know, I'm now a super health nut and like to write about that part of my life once in a while on my health blog, Paleo Plus One. My latest post is about how we somewhat successfully stuck with our paleo diet lifestyle on our trip to Costa Rica (which is one carb-happy nation, I must say.)  Just thought you might be interested!