Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can think of no better occasion to wear a super sexy masquerade mask, can you? 

red  lace mask with chiffon ruffles
I always loved Valentine's Day growing up. Every year, my dad bought us a big heart-shaped box of See's Candy chocolates.  I would eat the whole thing in 1-2 days (except I always left the rum raisin flavor and the lemon truffle- just not my thing.)  This year, I'm on the paleo diet, but I think I'll let myself splurge on one chocolate and the always-appreciated free sample.  Is it lame that I just spent the last 5 minutes zoning out, dreaming about which chocolate I will choose (hmmm... butterscotch square or bordeaux?)

Joe and I don't usually make a big hooplah out of Valentine's Day. We'll probably eat sushi, see a movie, and cuddle.  I'd say our daily lives are pretty lovey dovey, we don't tend to save it all up for V-day.  What are you guys up to this year?

As far as gifts, I found these man-cans (man candles) that I think Joe might like. I'm convinced that most guys do secretly like scented candles. They are in soup cans, and have manly scents like "New Mitt", "Cigar", "Campfire", and "Bacon."  I chose two scents  for Joe that don't gross me out too bad and I won't mind burning in our home (I won't tell you which ones because he reads this blog and it's a surprise.)  The rest of his gift is a secret.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Give big hugs and kisses to all the people who make your life a little brighter.


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