DIY Stackable Ombre Rhinestone Headbands

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

During Sisi's naptime today, I made these stackable rhinestone headbands to send in a care package to a friend.  They are so easy and mindless to make.  They also look happy and Springy, and I can't wait to play with other color combos.  I'm thinking black/green/pink (watermelon colors) next!

DIY Stackable Ombre Rhinestone Wrapped Headbands 

  • super thin metal headbands
  • tacky glue or glue gun
  • rhinestone trim (I think smaller rhinestones (2 mm) are more wearable for everyday, but chunky rhinestone trim could be pretty for a bride!)  
  • embroidery floss in 3 different colors (I used graduated pink tones for an ombre look!)
  • Cut enough rhinestone trim to cover the length of the headband
  • Do 5 or 6 spots of glue on the headband, and attach the rhinestone trim.  It doesn't have to be a permanent bond- just enough to hold the rhinestones in place while you wrap the band.  
  • In between each rhinestone, wrap the floss 3 or 4 times around the band.  Do this the whole length of the headband.  
  • To start the wrapping process, I simply tied a few knots around the band several rhinestones from the end, then wrapped downward toward the tip and back up over the knots to secure them.
  • To end the wrapping process, I tied a knot a few rhinestones from the end, wrapped back over the knots, cut the floss, and used a little glue to secure the frayed end.   
Get wild! 
  • Try a strand of pearls, beads, or crystals to mix up the look!  Note that you won't be able to measure out and cut the length of the bead/pearl strand ahead of time because you won't know for sure how far apart the beads/pearls will be until you wrap them.  
  • Alternate colors of floss on one headband to create a striped or color-blocked look.  
  • Use super thin ribbon, rope, baker's twine, leather, or fabric to wrap.
  • Spread 'em out or wear them close together.


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