Sisi's Semi-Homemade Boston Terrier Costume

Sunday, November 17, 2013

 One proud puppy!

Last year, Sisi was a piece of sushi.  This year, Sisi was a Boston Terrier.  Dogs are one of her great passions (along with fire hydrants, ducks, and snakes).  Every day, she asks to wear a tail made of ribbon or string of some sort, and begs to wear Pesto's collar.  I just knew it would rock her world to transform her into a dog for Halloween.

She wore a velvet leotard on sale from the craft store (8.00 I think?) and I sewed some white velour onto the chest.  Her mittens were from amazon, and I sewed on the little black spots to make them paws.  I bought the leather trim for the collar from the craft store, and we went to Petco to make Sisi her very own "Siena" collar.  The mask is made from starched felt and elastic. The characteristic zig zag tail is made of starched felt as well.  So cheap, so easy, and uber cute.

We had such a great Halloween!  She trick or treated about 7 or 8 houses and then was over it. We went to our friends' house for dinner, then I asked her to trade all her Halloween candy for a paleo brownie with coconut milk ice cream.  She somewhat hesitantly made the swap, but I have a feeling next year it will be really hard to pry the candy out of her little paws. I may need to up the ante even more.  We'll get there when we get there, I suppose!


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