East Coast Trip Part 3: Gloucester, MA

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Joe's parents have an amazing and kind of spooky home on the Gloucester Harbor.  It's our 3rd time visiting this fisherman's town, and we love it.  In the early morning at sunrise, the lobster fishermen are sailing out to sea, I reckon there's no better coastal view.  

Morning coffee and a 40 foot drop... 

 Gloucester cousins!

Buns and bouys...

The dangerous grassy balcony with no walls. 

As Joe pushed Sisi around town in her stroller, someone actually yelled to us across the street, "I've never seen that before in Gloucester!"  We were so confused.  He said he'd never seen a dad push a stroller in this town before.  I guess Italian machismo is alive and well there??

I gave her a mint, and she was stoked.

We took a day trip to Boston, and pretty much walked the entire city. So awesome that Sisi still fits in the ergo carrier! 

Holocaust Memorial.  What an elegant and poignant monument.

Seaweed and sardine snack break at Quincy Market.  It was at this point several Asian tourists began to take pictures and videos of Sisi, and I'm not sure why.  Was it the Hello Kitty sweater?  The fact that she was eating seaweed and sardines?  The fact that she is part Asian?  


Back in Gloucester..

Strolling through Rockport, a picturesque coastal town...

And of course, a seafood feast on our last night! Lobsters, crabs, clam steamers, and more. Thanks to our Gloucester family for hooking it up!


Angel @ loveandsplendor.com/blog November 17, 2013 at 1:57 PM  

Yum!! I wish I could see the Gloucester House one day; still so intrigued by it! I'm sure the tourists were snapping pics because Sisi is the cutest thing they saw on vacation. ;-) Love you!

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