About Petal and Thorn

I find unmatched joy in creating handmade accessories to have, to hold and to wear. Items that can be treasured for years and years. Creations that I can take my time making while I sit on the couch and watch netflix as my toddler naps :)

As the (retired) owner of  The Treasured Petal florist in Orange County, Ca., my inspiration is, of course, flowers. I use my knowledge of flower structure and form to create my intricate handmade fabric flowers, and love to use faux and dried botanicals when I can.  I also studied millinery arts and enjoy taking my time making each mask from scratch.

I made my first masquerade mask 5 years ago for myself to wear to a masquerade ball.  I wanted something luxe and intricate, and a generic Party City mask just wasn't going to do the trick.  I sat down with feathers and sequins and ribbons and created my first over-the-top mask.  I made another one for my best friend.  We pranced around that masquerade ball like we owned the place.  One of the best nights ever!  Then my masquerade obsession began, and continues to this day :)

I am married to my Italian Stallion, Joe, and am a mother to a quirky-cool 3 year old, and two pups, Pesto and Basil (who may appear in photos from time to time if you look closely). Thanks for reading!