East Coast Trip Part 2: The Berkshires, MA

Monday, November 4, 2013

We actually intended to stop by Vermont on the way from New York to Gloucester Massachusetts. Then two days before my trip, Joe asked, "Did you even map out the route from Montauk to Vermont?  It's like a 9 hour drive."  Whoops!  I just assumed Vermont was on the way to Gloucester. We ended up cancelling Vermont because a 9 hour drive with a 2 year old is not my idea of a good time. Just not worth it for a few days of Vermont (as stunning as Vermont is!)

Instead, we spent two relaxing days in Western Massachusetts where we had our fill of woods, farms, and gorgeous "ponds" (what they call ponds, I call huge lakes!)  It was exactly what we craved.

On the way to the Berkshires.

We got to stay in this amazing cabin in the woods, which I found on AirBNB.  I highly recommend it for a fun getaway!  No TV, but beautiful scenery, funky retro modern furniture, and a wood stove that we gathered around each night.

Wandering around Gould Farm. Sisi's saying "Moo!" 

Ice cold water!  Joe swam all the way to the trees in the background. Such a stud!

Hand tied wildflower bouquets.  I think Sisi has a talent for flower arranging!

Next stop: Gloucester, Mass!  Coming soon!!


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