Flowers for Rachel

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My good friend Rachel married her Jr. High School sweetheart on 9.10.11.   It was a lively, colorful and cozy affair, so fitting of the couple.  Rachel DIYed most of the decor, so I offered to do the personals.  Fresh flowers are the hardest thing for a bride to do herself; I know this from personal experience.  She took me up on the offer, and I was honored to be even a small part of such a cleverly-crafted wedding.  I had no plan really, I just headed to the mart early with a rough recipe, and tried  to pick whatever seemed Rachel-esque.  Gorgeous photos by Fresh in Love.

 Joe and I had such a wonderful evening eating tacos, gobbling Rachel's homemade cookies, and dancing under the stars.  They were such hospitable hosts. Rachel had to pick and choose what details  to focus on, as all brides do, and the ones they chose happened to be the ones guests care about most- tasty food, great DJ, yummy cocktails, and enough desserts to satisfy even me. Some brides buy a $6000.00 dress and $2000.00 shoes, but serve cold costco appetizers, because "it's MY day".  This wasn't one of those weddings!

See all the planning that went into this wedding on Rachel's blog Heart of Light, and 100 Layer Cake

*In case you're wondering, the paleo diet goes out the window at weddings and parties, and I'm ok with that!
*Also, I have nothing against Costco appetizers.  


Rachel November 22, 2011 at 2:53 PM  

Kris, I loved the flowers so much! You nailed it. xoxoxo

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