Sisi is 13 Months!

Monday, February 27, 2012

This month she made it through another wonder week, and now we're seeing the fruits of it. She's trying to put puzzles together (unsuccessfully, but trying), she's playing with her toys differently, she's communicating by pointing and speaking.  It's been another whirlwind month! She's looking more and more like a toddler!
headband by Petal and Thorn (soon-to-be-listed), overalls by h&m

Sisi at a glance:
  • if you listen closely to all the babble, you'll hear real words coming out of her mouth- doggy, ducky, li-li (lion), down (which she yells at the dogs while making the "down" motion), a-na-na (banana), manna (as in coconut manna), eeeease (please).  
  • hair is growing long!  she has one of those late 80's rat tails going on.
  • still crawling, cruising, and breakdancing.  
  • standing on her own, just barely.
  • sleeping through the night more often than not (hallelujah!) and totally night weaned (amen!)
  • size 4 diapers, size 12-18 month clothes.  
  • loves climbing into drawers, hiding in closets, and pushing stuff around.  
  • gives the dogs hugs on command.
  • when reading "mommy hugs", she searches for the page with the monkeys and pats her own head.   (all you mommies probably know what I'm talking about)
Thanks hubby for taking these precious pics, month after month.  It's a tradition we'll keep up as long as we can, although it gets harder and harder to get shots the more mobile she gets!

P.S. I LOVE overalls on babies. A lot of people purposely dress their babies like mini-adults.  I dress Sisi in things I could never pull off but secretly wish I could (like the silver sparkly jeans she was wearing the other day).  I don't think orange seersucker overalls are in my future, but they are certainly in Sisi's (they are so big she'll be wearing them til she's 4.)


    Freckles Chick February 28, 2012 at 10:38 AM  

    How gorgeous is this baby?! Are her eyes still blue? Beautiful Siena, just like her mama. =]

    (Been following your blog since back when you still ran Treasured Petal & your posts about mommyhood, esp. the early delirious months, have kept me going during my early months/baby blues/sleep issues w/ our little lady. I can't THANK YOU enough!!)

    Sarah February 28, 2012 at 8:30 PM  

    I remember being SO SAD when a recognized the toddler look and less baby look. It's so sweet, but so sad. Sisi is such a cutie pie. Especially with that headband on. Oh, and your dog is adorable too!

    - Sarah

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