Instafriday 2/3/2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

life rearranged

The weekend was all about Sisi's party, and this week has been about the aftermath.  Parties are a lot of work!
Freezer paper + silhouette cameo + cheap onesies= fabulous and useful wall art!

Dead balloons...
Most brides were anti-gerbera daisy so I rarely used them as a florist. But I think they're adorable and perfect for a kiddie party, so I bought 3 bunches from Traders Joe's and spread them around the house for the party.
I threw away most of the decor, but just couldn't toss these Pesto and Basil heads.  I'm sure they will come in handy some day.
The few vases I kept after selling off my supplies.  I'll use these babies forever!
Right after I washed and folded these drapes, Sisi managed to pull them off the table and roll around in them on the dirty floor. 
Bird watching.
Escargeot shells keep fussy babies entertained.

My in-laws treated me to wonderful Austrian cuisine for my birthday.  I was going to just combine my and Sisi's bdays, but I admit it was nice to be spoiled a little on my own special day.  I ordered duck breast with cherry brandy sauce, with sweet red cabbage and spatzle. 
Sometimes getting cute pics of baby sleeping is well worth the risk of waking her up.
It's hot spot central over here, hence the cone of shame.
lots and lots and lots of citrus, mostly gifted.
baby LOVES her sardines.
so does Pesto...


Rachel February 3, 2012 at 1:46 PM  

It was a great party, Kris! Hope you're fully recovered now. xo

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