Milk Glass Headband

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After working on nothing but baby headbands for months, I had a burst of energy for bridal hair pieces last week. Sure, baby accessories are fun, but there's something very serious about creating bridal headpieces. I get nervous and inspired just thinking about it. 

(I used to feel this way ALL THE TIME when I did wedding flowers.  I let my assistants do centerpieces, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets,  but they NEVER touched the bridal bouquet.  That was something I did on my own, usually in the quiet of the night after they had left. The bridal bouquet is the most special bouquet a woman will ever touch!)

To me, the bridal hair piece is just as important as the bouquet.  It's that perfect finishing touch that frames the face and makes a bride look truly bridal. When else do we modern gals have a chance to don a veil, feathered hat, or a bedazzled bug?

As I was supply shopping in LA, I came across some opaque white-ish crystals and milky stones, and I immediately thought of milk glass vases on antique store shelves. 

 via nobiggie

Then, as I twisted the beads randomly into clusters, forming an intricate garland, I imagined the Milky Way Galaxy, in all its grace and mystery.

Find it at the etsy shop!


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