10 Months Old

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I can't believe her first birthday is just 2 months away.  Is it normal to burst into tears at the thought?

Siena at a glance:
  • Has perfected her crab walk (crawling on hands and feet with legs straight) and cruising.
  • Does crawling donuts (crawls in a circle over and over)
  • Constantly humming little ditties.
  • Able to eat bits of meat, like chicken, beef and pork.
  • If Sisi sees, Sisi wants! I must eat my own treats around the corner, like when I used to sneak cookies as a sugar-addicted child. 
  • The "mo mo mo" thing was a phase, and I was probably reading into it too much.  Her official first word is "da da".  Pretty standard!
  • Is really into immitating us- she claps, drums, waves, pats her own head, and makes a "down" motion to the dogs.  She makes a raaaarrrr sound when she sees her lion.  
  • When I'm brushing with my sonicare, she puts her cheek against it to feel it jiggle.
  • Nursing 4 times a day (plus 1 night time feeding most days), and napping 2x.  Night sleep is a bit whack.  Let's change the subject :)
  • Opens every closet and empties it's contents.   Forces me to keep clutter under control!
  • The mini-tantrums have begun!

Her headband was inspired by the flower mart flower bundles that they wrap with newspaper and tie with twine. It's available here, at the Petal and Thorn etsy shop, along with the newly listed boba headband. Also, how much did Joe rock it out with these pictures?  The window one may be my favorite Sisi picture EVER.  Thanks hubby! 


Lacey December 1, 2011 at 3:07 PM  

She is perfect, and Joe did a great job on those pictures. The headband is almost as adorable as its model.

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