Matteo is 2 Months!

Friday, February 13, 2015

I know it's totally cliche to say this, but I really mean it: it's hard to imagine my life without Matteo.  He's only been around for 2 months, but he has eased his way so easily and peacefully into our family.  He just belongs here. Being Matteo's mommy is easy (well, motherhood is never really easy, but natural.) I know I'm supposed to be really frazzled and sleep-deprived at this point, but I'm not.  I'm actually full of energy and joy.  Total opposite of the first time around. It helps that Matteo is a pretty contented baby.  He seems to enjoy life and its' pleasures- loves to eat, loves to sleep, loves to observe. His smiles are crooked and squinty and soooo cute.  They are still rare and fleeting enough to be ambiguous (gas or smile?) but there are moments when he will look right into my eyes and his face crumples up into the sweetest smile (definitely not gas) and I know we belong to each other.  My dear little boy.

Baptized on January 11th at 5 weeks.  

 Personal space?  What's that?? 

 Loves his Grandpa Sam.  I so wish he could have met his other Grandpa, but he is blessed to have 3 adoring grandparents.  

 His eyes are that steely grey baby color, but I can already tell they are turning brown.  Sisi's were already pretty blue by this age. 

 Morning ritual: reading books to Sisi while I nurse and cuddle Matteo.  A great way to start the day!

At this age, he could care less about toys. We just stare at each other all day long and are both entertained.

 I love his little round face. His head is not so round due to torticollis (prefers to look and sleep with head in one direction.) It's very oddly shaped in the back.

We are already practicing independent play.  We put him on this soft beaver skin for 10 minute increments throughout the day to give him "alone time".  We did that with Sisi and I really believe it's part of the reason she plays so well on her own.

 Mama-baby selfies!  #nomakeupdon'tcare :)  Well, I do kinda care. 

Matteo at a glace:  
  • nurses about every 2.5-3 hours during the day (cluster feeds at night from 4:30-7:30.)
  • loves to be swaddled, but can bust out of the miracle blanket (aka baby straight jacket) already! just bought the "swaddle strap"- we'll see if it works! 
  • started sleeping through the night (or as the French say, "doing his nights") at about 5 weeks. first 11 hour stretch at 6 weeks.  no, that's not a typo.
  • sometimes he hates baths.  sometimes he thinks they are alright.
  • 11lb 6oz. wearing 3 month clothes. 
  • started cooing and smirk-smiling a few weeks ago.  reserves his biggest smiles for his big sister. true social smiles started about a week ago.
  • nicknames (mostly given by Sisi): matay, teo, theo, taters, tater tot. 


Hanna Lo February 14, 2015 at 7:23 AM  

What a sweetie!!!! So happy you're enjoying two :)

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