Dear Pregnant Friends...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm delighted to be surrounded by lots of beautiful, glowing pregnant gals. They keep coming out of the woodwork!

So here is a little post about things to stock up on now for YOU.  I know you are online shopping 24/7 for baby stuff, but you deserve to splurge a bit on yourself. BTW, in case you're wondering about my credentials, having 1 baby makes me THE baby expert, obviously ;)

1. stretchy tops/dresses that you can pull down easily for quick access.  May as well pack away everything else for a while!

2.   stud earrings

3.  all natural bath products and perfume oils- regular bath products are so toxic, not the best if you're nursing. This handmade soap is Detox for Baby from Spoiled Rotten.  I love it for myself- haven't tried it on baby though. 

4.  cute lounge wear

5.  comfy flat shoes- toms, rainbow sandals, ballet flats, furry moccasins.

6.  scented candles- brought me a crazy amount of joy during those early months.

7.  tubs of gourmet ice cream- try Clemmy's Ice Cream or La Loo's goat milk ice cream for fresh, all-natural versions.

8.  kindle-  all the times I woke Sisi woke up just because I turned a page.  Save yourself the frustration :) 

9.  cute outfit for newborn photoshoot-baby's outfit is easy (birthday suit) but think ahead about what you'll want to wear.  Something figure-forgiving, casual, and easy to throw on.  I remember frantically dragging my 5 day old around Target searching for something to wear.  I chose a dress that wasn't flattering, and showed my sweat like crazy.  A flowy maxi-dress with bare feet would have been perfect (and hid my baby bump leftovers really well.)
dress by Free People

I can't wait to see each of you become mommies.  Your babies are already so blessed!!!


Sarah October 4, 2011 at 3:04 PM  

Oh man, I'm already feeling the urge to want another baby! Especially after this post. =)

BTW thanks for commenting on my fashion post. To answer your questions, yes I have the skirt in both colors =) It's super flattering and really cute with the Bearpaw boots. I would have worn it for the style post, but it was so hot it just seemed more appropriate to wear the shorts.

- Sarah

Alexa October 5, 2011 at 8:44 AM  

This is such a great post. I would agree with everything...especially the flat shoes (that you don't have to lace up). And the scented candles...yes! I went a little stir-crazy with my newborn and loved smelling the different scents. I'll have to share this with my preggo friends!

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