Sisi the Flower Girl (again!)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I absolutely treasure these pictures captured by Orange Turtle Photography of my dear friends Helen and Jordan's wedding.  I am having a hard time picking which ones to frame.   Orange Turtle is so so so good.  They also photographed my friend Kim's wedding (which was featured in The Knot Magazine!)

This dreamy sequence of me getting Sisi ready makes me daydream about the day when I'll be buttoning up her very own wedding dress and creating a special bridal bouquet just for her.  I'm sure the time will fly by faster than I can even imagine.

Helen wore a Petal and Thorn cathedral length veil, sprinkled with handmade hydrangea blossoms.  She looked beautiful!

I also got to put together some bouquets for the wedding in soft dusty pinks and purples.  It really was a joy!  The only stressful part was waiting for Joe to inch his way to San Diego in crazy traffic with a truck full of flowers on a very hot day.  I was worried Helen would have to walk down the aisle holding Sisi's flower girl wand :/  Thankfully, Joe made it just in time.  Thank you hubby!
juliet roses, blush lisianthus, blue scabiosa, lavender, hydrangea, eucalyptus and brunia

Sisi's walk down the aisle didn't go nearly as well as her first walk back in May.  She was pretty worn out from the drive down, and just wanted mommy to hold her.  But I was a bridesmaid, so I couldn't hold her. Then she had a meltdown during the entire ceremony and Joe had to lock themselves in the bathroom so as not to disrupt the ceremony.  Sheesh.

Luckily, the reception went pretty smoothly.  We toasted, we boogied, and we watched the cake cutting with great expectation. 

"mmmm cake!"

"mmmm cake!"

Thank you Helen and Jordan for sharing these images with me!  Helen, you have been the most supportive, loyal and protective friend these past 12 years. We are total opposites in many ways, but we have formed a lasting and true friendship.  I know you guys don't like your faces plastered all over the internet, so I tried to keep it vain and posted mostly pics of Sisi and me.  Just in case anyone is wondering why there are no pictures of the darling couple.  They are totally darling, just take my word for it. 

Such a happy day!  Thanks to Orange Turtle for capturing it so perfectly!


Heather December 31, 2013 at 9:29 AM  

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Rachel January 10, 2014 at 1:16 PM  

These pictures are beyond gorgeous! So nice to have those moments in time captured.

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