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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

before baby boy is born!  I'm due in about a week, and the practice contractions are getting stronger and stronger.  I'm having to pause and breathe through them as I write this.  Baby is measuring great, in the ideal position, and I have a feeling we will meet him very soon.  At this point I am more excited than I am anxious.  I am so curious about this little boy.  Will he look like Sisi?  Will he be super active like he is in the womb?  I'm even curious about my labor- will it be just like last time?  Will I handle it with more grace and self-confidence this time around?  I can't quite remember the pain, so I'm weirdly curious about how painful it will be.  (According to the Hypnobirthing classes I took last time, I'm not even supposed to use the words "due date", "contractions" or "pain", and I've said all three in this paragraph.  Let's be real, euphemisms don't always work.)

I'm not one to wish pregnancy away because I know how hard and tiring those first few months can be.  I consider pregnancy to be a nice little vacation, a calm before the storm.  I'm a pretty happy preggo, it's almost like the hormones put a little pep in my step! I'm treasuring my time with Sisi and Joe before the family dynamics completely change.  Here's what I've been up to...

Hubby time: 

Fermentation Farm and lunch at Fukada Restaurant (where we didn't mind the long wait because we brought reading materials :)

The goods:  kimche, duck eggs, organ meat sausage, boar bacon, and red currant kombucha tea) 

 Nana time! 

Playmate time! 

Mommy-Sisi-Dragon time: 

And of course,a few crafting projects for the nautical nursery.

I would show more pics of the nursery, but it would require me to move car seats and daipers and Christmas presents out of the way, and I'm just too lazy.  Baby's room is still a bit of a storage area :/


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