Belated Instafriday 10/20/12

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My life lately, in cell phone pics... 

 dog sitting + marigolds and irises
Sisi was too scared to ride on the horses, and even seemed scared to be on the lame-o bench.  She's definitely not a thrill seeker.
Finally organized my bling stash.
 Chocolate brown toes + sunflowers
 Her dream came true!  I finally let her push one of the mini carts at trader joes.  She almost ran into an old lady and a wine display, but overall did well.  She waited in line so patiently to check out and was just beaming with pride.
I bought 24 packs of potato chips on amazon. White potatoes are a debated issue amongst paleo folks.  While they are very nutritious, they can also be inflammatory and cause insulin spikes.  I tend to stay away from them and opt for sweet potatoes instead.  But my goodness, if you're gonna eat potato chips, these are the way to go! Avocado oil is super healthy and has a high heat tolerance, which makes it great for frying.  Best chips I've ever had.  Too good, really.  I have to keep them in the garage on a shelf so I'm not tempted by them all the time.
 Oops!  Mixing too vigorously I suppose :/


Sarah October 21, 2012 at 6:57 PM  

That is such a cool picture of them on the carousel!

- Sarah

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