New Shoes for Sisi

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

robeez silver flats, saltwater sandals, robeez pink saddle shoes 

Sisi needed new shoes that would work for church as well as everyday.  I did an amazon search, and found comfy silver mary janes, yellow saltwaters, and stinkin' adorable pink oxfords.

I'm so bummed that Sisi has almost outgrown the largest size of Robeez.  Robeez are amazing, not just because they actually stay on, but because they are soft-soled and allow baby's feet to form and develop while they are learning to walk.  I secretly cringe when I see babies wearing super rigid-soled shoes or big fancy sneakers.  I look down at my own ugly, sore, semi-deformed feet and remember shoving my feet into too-narrow keds and rigid dress shoes as a kid just to look "cool."Believe it or not, this rigid versus soft-soled shoe thing is actually a real debate.  And it can get kinda heated. Most of you know I'm a pretty natural mama, so you can guess where I stand.  Joe's even more extreme- if he had his way, Sisi would be barefoot all the time.  But robeez have been perfect thus far- cute, affordable, and plenty flexible.  And now she's almost too big for them! Drats!

I'm actually wary about the saltwater sandals- they seem sturdy, but incredibly hard and uncomfortable.  But they aren't bestsellers for nothing- supposedly once you break em in, you're a fan for life. I'll report back and let you know how they work out for us (if Joe doesn't make me send them back first!)

Does anyone recommend a nice soft-soled shoe that comes in toddler/kid sizes?


Rachel March 13, 2013 at 3:11 PM  

I was jealous of the gold flats she was wearing on Saturday! It was so good to see you guys - I can't believe how outgoing Sisi is now! So much fun to see her in action. And thank you for the flowers! They brightened up my week.

Vivian Kelly March 20, 2013 at 11:24 AM  

have you seen freshly picked moccasins? they're pretty expensive, but luckily we've received a couple pairs as gifts. she works a lot with bloggers, so i don't think it would hurt to contact her and see if you can work something out!

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