Minimal Wardrobe Spring Update

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Remember that one time I took pictures of each and every item of clothing I own and posted it online? Well, most of those clothes I still wear constantly.  In fact, many are literally worn out.  In anticipation of Spring (it already feels like summer here in the OC!) I purged again.  I got rid of tops and sweaters that were looking shabby, a few tops that shrank funny, and some of my dresses that look a little too "junior department."

 I'm lucky here in California- my wardrobe doesn't change much from season to season, but it does require a little tweaking.  I'll move my sweaters and jackets to the back of my closet, and bring the sundresses to the front, because I basically live in sundresses in Spring and Summer.  Because I purged a bit, I'm allowing myself to replenish.  Meaning, I get to shop :)

But shopping means something very different to me now.  Here's how my shopping strategy has changed.

2.  I only go into my favorite stores.  Much of my new wardrobe comes from Zara, Loft, Nordstrom Rack, and Max Studio because they usually have items that fit my subtly feminine vacation style and they are affordable.  I hit those places first. I steer clear of Forever 21 and similar stores because the clothes don't last.  Surprisingly, my Target clothes hold up really well, so I still shop there sometimes.

3.  I only buy things that fit me well.  This means I have to try stuff on.  If I'm too lazy to lug Sisi's stroller into the dressing room and try it on, then I obviously don't need it.  I don't shop on the internet as much for this reason.  Even with free returns, I end up keeping items that don't fit me perfectly because it's a pain to send them back.

4.  I avoid clearance racks.  Ever notice how the stuff on clearance is usually very eye-catching, but a little weird or colorful or kitschy?  For example, I bought a pair of khakis with lobsters all over them because they were on clearance.  Guess what?  I wore them twice and then donated them.  I don't live in the Hamptons and attend clam bakes on a regular basis. But they looked so cute on the rack!

The classics, like a perfect black blazer, can rarely be found on clearance.

5.  I take my sweet time.  Since I'm already content with my wardrobe, there is no pressure to buy quickly.  I'm checking off my list one by one over the course of many many mall trips.  If I don't find my perfect skinny jeans or sandals right away, who cares?  I have a closet full of items I really love.  No rush.

6.  Self-awareness. I know my body and what looks good on me.

  • I am fairly pear shaped- I wear a small on top, and a medium on the bottom.  Therefore, patterned jeans, short skirts, and white pants can look awful on me (much to my chagrin! I LOVE patterned jeans and white pants.)

  • I have a small head for my body. V-necks, scoop necks and boat-necks tend to balance out my small head and even out my pear shape.  Sometimes I do buy crew necks, but I usually regret it.

  • I have this in-between half-Asian skin tone.  Soft pastels, especially lavender, just don't look great on me.  I'm not sure why.  I'm also coming to terms with the fact that gray is not my best color. 

  • I am short.  5' 2" to be exact.  So crazy patterns, layers, and ruffles seem to overpower my short frame. I get a little jealous of my tall skinny friend Angel who can literally wear 5 layers in all different patterns and not be swallowed up in them. 

7.  Picked a base color (black) for most of my core items.  Most, but not all, of my basic items are black.  Most women have an assortment of black, navy, camel, brown and gray basics in their closets.  We feel like we need all the neutrals. That means we also need a bunch of different shoes and possibly purses to coordinate. But I find if I stick to black, I can mix and match just about everything.  My Grandma would roll her eyes if she saw how much black is in my closet.  "Ladies don't wear black!" was her motto.  Her closet looked like an Easter basket, no joke.

So, here is my Spring/Summer shopping list.  I found some of the items already, and some I'm still researching.

1.  TAN SANDALS.  I am tempted to just re-buy these Franco Sarto ones from last year that I basically wore  to death.  They are the most comfy and versatile sandals I've ever owned.

2.  GOLD OR COLORED SANDALS. Corso Como Bronte sandals in mint.
3.  A FEW PERFECT T SHIRTS  Loft linen T's are so comfy, and the scoop neck is flattering on me. Just don't accidentally dry them in the dryer!  They shrink like crazy.

4.  CLASSIC CHAMBRAY SHIRT. Found one at Old Navy with a slight stretch that is long enough to wear buttoned with leggings, but light enough to tie over a sundress.

5.  FLATTERING SKINNY JEANS Paige Verdugo Ankle fits me great!  They are supposed to be slightly cropped, but I'm really short so they look full-length on me.  

6.  BLACK LEGGINGS My old pair has a big hole in the butt, pointed out to me by my toddler.  Gapbody has the softest, sturdiest leggings that I've found.
8.  3 EVERYDAY DRESSES  I already purchased 2, but need one more.  Jersey fabric is my favorite.
9.  ONE COCKTAIL DRESS  Found this at Macy's and will be wearing it to weddings this Summer.  The cutout is cute. I am usually wary of cutouts.  I mean, I don't mind showing off my slender ribcage, but side cutouts near my love-handles?  No thanks!
10.  BLACK MAXI SKIRT.  Something not too flared.
11.  PERFECT BLACK BIKINI.  Retro style maybe? Something I can surf in.  Let me know if you have suggestions.
12.  TWO BRAS I am a huge fan of Gap's Modal Pullover Bra.  I'm pretty flat-chested, so I don't need underwire or even cups for that matter.

And that's about all I need to complete my Spring/Summer wardrobe.  What are your shopping strategies??  


sk March 18, 2014 at 12:25 PM  

OMG you are so organized! My closet is a disaster. Partly because I am still 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, (my daughter is 18 mos) and I'm trying to fit back into my old I have a bunch of stuff in my closet that I can't wear! It's silly. But I'm not ready to give up yet :)

Rachel March 18, 2014 at 3:31 PM  

I have been mentally preparing myself for this and then never seem to make time! So I have a little mental list running (and on my phone) of the gaps in my wardrobe but I haven't been shopping in ages and I need to clean out my closet. Thank you for the Loft linen tees rec! I have one (fairly pricey) linen tee shirt that I absolutely love but I got it at an outlet and I've been wondering how I'm going to find another one.

So impressed that you are so closet-organized, Kris! And thanks for the push - maybe with the change of season I'll set aside some time to do this instead of think about it.

Angel @ March 20, 2014 at 11:03 PM  

I love this post! And you are so funny -- I think I get swallowed up in patterns frequently but I am just too crazy to let them go. I wonder if my wardrobe will ever grow up. ;-) Thanks for inspiring me to get more organized with my spring closet cleaning!!

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