Pin the tail on the Sisi

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We are all a little dog-obsessed in this family, but Sisi takes the cake! 
Sisi made some artwork for Pesto.

For the last year, Sisi has worn a tail almost every day.  It's the first thing she asks for each morning.  Dude, toddlers take this pretend stuff very seriously.  If we call her any other nickname- bunny boo, little monkey, chickadee, she corrects us, "No, I'm a dog. My name is Kona (or Tinkerbell, or Pesto, depending on the day.)

She likes to place her water bottle by the doggy water bowl so she can drink with them.

She sometimes scratches her head with her feet.

When I comb her hair, she asks me to pretend I'm a dog groomer.  She makes whining sounds and then thoroughly shakes after I'm done.

She only wants to wear pigtails (doggy ears.)

She barks at the mailman.

She eats grass and then pretends to hack it up.

She has adopted my old "Return to Tiffany" necklace as her dog collar.

She pretends her toothbrush is a rawhide.

She insists on doing tricks for her snacks.

She plays fetch with her very own dog toy.

She licks my legs at the most unexpected times.

I want to remember every detail of this phase, even the annoying bits, because I know someday it will pass.  Maybe sooner than we know.  Just the other day, she asked to remove the tail (GASP!) and put on butterfly wings instead.  Then the next day she was back to being a dog.


Rachel July 3, 2014 at 12:42 PM  

I love, love, love Sisi's dog tail. And the barking. Although I'm sure that's one of the things that gets old for you! She's such an individual.

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