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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I don't expect to see all of these things under the tree (I'm not THAT greedy), but if a certain husband of mine reads this, here are the things that have caught my eye lately...
knit necklace by evahandmade
Convertable Diaper Satchel by Petunia Pickle Bottom

I cheated, and already bought myself an early gift.  These Dr. Scholl's Arch boots in both tan and brown are so sturdy and comfortable for the price.  Will examine my wardrobe and see which ones will go with the most stuff (I think tan?) and then return the other ones.

Just based on the name alone (Rumpled Cake- doesn't that sound yummy?) I want this new perfume by Twigs and Honey.  It's all natural, oil based, and made for people with sensitive skin.

3 stone ring by toosis made with jade, mother of pearl, and quartz.

  • Sonicare replacement heads (my blue strip is worn down)
  • Thai pregnancy massage
  • Gourmet mac n' cheese from the Island Hotel in Newport Beach (been craving this throughout the pregnancy)
  • Replacement spoons and forks (I've lost most of the ones we received for our wedding somehow)
  • A new surfboard (mine is embarassingly ghetto and dinged, and I plan on surfing again after the baby is born)
And of course, a healthy baby and a calm labor!!!!!!

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