Music Strike Is Over!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometime in 2007, I went on a music strike.  I just didn't want to hear it anymore.  I tuned my radio to talk radio, classical, or silence.  There was too much going on in my life and head (brother was sick, I was planning my wedding, and starting my flower business.) To add music on top of that literally made my temples hurt.  This was highly unusual for me, a singer, dancer and lover of all musical genres, even cheesy 70's bands like The Carpenters. 

Also, right around 2007 is when I noticed how obnoxious music can be. 2007 was the year of annoying music. You know, songs that make your ears hurt when they come on (for example, anything by Akon or *Gwen Stefani.) Songs that make you feel like you have to be a defensive listener- always with one finger on the tuner button.

My music hiatus lasted about 4 years.  Once in a while I'd find a cd I could listen to on repeat for a little while (Beck, Pinback, Sufjan Stevens- mellow male voices I guess) but overall, I just needed silence.

For everything there is a season. My music strike is over!  Since the baby was born, I have a super intense reaction to good songs- they make me cry instantly!  When Sisi was first born, Joe would play opera for her in the mornings as I would quietly sob to myself.

I feel like life has slowed down a bit, and it's actually become a little repetitive (pretty unavoidable when caring for a small infant full time.) Dare I say it, sometimes my brain feels a little empty.  I can now fully embrace the stimulation of music. I want Sisi to be raised in a home full of music, singing, and dancing.  Now I make it a point to turn on oldies for her every single day.  She's even starting to bob her head a little to the beat.  It's soooo cute! 

Here's a little glimpse of life with a 7 month old.  We had breakfast for Joe's bday at the Penguin Cafe in Laguna Beach.   Of course, Joe had to play Penguin Cafe Orchestra on my droid while filming. :)

Has anyone ever gone through an anti-music phase or am I crazy?

*I actually love Gwen, just not her solo stuff.  


Sarah August 29, 2011 at 10:16 AM  

Haha I loved the video!!!! Your baby so so beautiful. Those eyes! I totally get you on the breaks from music, although I have to admit mine don't last for years. More like a week, maybe two. I get this paranoid feeling that if I"m not on top of whats new and up in coming then it's a sign I'm losing touch and getting old hahaha.

Your comment is so sweet and I can TOTALLY relate about getting emotional about stuff like that. It really is bitter sweet with the walking, but of course more sweet. Your heart just swell with pride. I really did have a skip in my step that day.

Glad you liked the song. I love songs that make me think of my baby. Just for fun below are some of my favs that make me think of the bebe (you may recognize some)

- Sufjan Stevens - The Perpetual Self, or "What Would Saul Alinsky Do?"

- Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

- Beirut - Post Cards from Italy

- The Submarines - The Brightest Hour

- Joy Williams - Sunny Day

BTW thanks for the encouragement about church. We will most likely visit again. We are still in the process of visiting many different churches before finding a home church. It's such a big decision. We were at our last church for almost 10 years. I totally want to hang out with you sometime though. Our babies should have a play date and we can exchange craft ideas =)

Take care,

- Sarah

christina {simply modern weddings} September 2, 2011 at 1:56 AM  

oooh the bacon.....

i go through anti-radio phases, because the stuff they play is crap nowadays. it's kinda sad that i only hear the "hot new kanye (or whoever) song" when i am working weddings. lol!

but i obsess over my bossanova like no one's business. keeps me in a good mindset as i jet back and forth to meetings. i also am back on my love/obsession of sade. our baby will definitely be in a music filled home...james wouldn't have it any other way!!

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