Instafriday 9/21/12

Thursday, September 20, 2012

life rearrangedHere's what our family has been up to this past few weeks.

Dog sitting!  

Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to be listening for when I knock on a watermelon at the grocery store?  Anyway, I seem to get lucky. This one was almost perfect.
 Angel on her shoulder...
 Brass bee findings for hair combs.

Baby's first markers (then she bit off all the tips.  Not ready for markers yet, I suppose.)

 Beach at dusk.
 Koi Ponds at Fashion Island.
 TX Maxx is fun for the whole family.
Mommy and Baby toes.
A moment of peace, five minutes after a giant wave totally kicked my butt.  I almost died in the white water washing machine, I swear!

But alas, surfing is still fun and worth the near death incidents.


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