Siena is 20 Months!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 Anything small and round is a "chee chee" (berry),  anything square is a "bopp" (block), and anything furry with four legs is a "doggie".  It's amazing to see her categorizing her world in a way that makes sense to her.  My cog psych classes are all coming back to me.

Hold me, mama!!!

 These H&M overalls are still way too big, and the label says 12 months.  She'll be wearing these seersuckers until she's 5 I guess.  Turns out, even tantrums, whining, and fits are way cuter in overalls. 

I saw this shirt at forever 21, and couldn't resist buying it.  I have always loved being twinsies.

Seems the older she gets, the less drastic changes I see from month to month. I was told this would happen- that my little one would stop morphing into another kid in the blink of an eye. But here's what's new:

- she loves to walk the dogs!  she's quite good at it.  when she loses the leash, she scrambles around and scolds, "no no no no no!" until she recovers it.
-her hair is so long, i can put it in two princess leah hair buns.
-she's getting a little pickier with food- shrimp, oysters and other more obscure seafood gets thrown on the floor. thankfully, she still likes sardines, salmon and other fish.
-she's trying to dress/undress herself, take off her shoes, and take off her own diaper (which is annoying, but will be great when we try potty training again.)
-eyes are definitely turning more greenish blue.  i predict one day she'll have green or hazel eyes.

Sidenote: what an excellently sculpted sock bun, eh?

You bring me so much joy, Sisi!  I love you to pieces!!! 


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