Mexico, Baby!

Monday, May 6, 2013

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I live just a few hours from the Mexico border, but I've never been. Since college, I've dreamed about surfing in Sayulita, Mexico.  I've heard great things about the quaint and colorful village and long, consistent waves.  Best of all, it's only a 2 hour flight!  That's a huge win when you're travelling with a toddler.

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This blog post from A Desert Fete  sealed the deal.  I saw it, daydreamed and sighed for a while, then googled "surf and stay camp" and clicked "book now."  (Well, in between the daydreaming and the booking, I did a lot of research on crime, travel warnings, and keeping safe in this part of Mexico.  There are more than a few people who are not thrilled about us travelling there with a child, so rest assured I did my due diligence.)

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So yes, we're headed to Sayulita soon!  It will be our last vacation before we start trying for Baby #2.  Why all the recent travelling to tropical destinations, you might ask?

  • I turned 30.  I feel pretty much the same as I did when I was 29, except I really really want to see more of the world. 
  • Surfing.  I'm officially addicted.  I try to go once a week.  I'm not that good, but I get an A+ for effort :)
  • I guarantee I don't look this good on a board.  Via.
  • Fear.  I fear my next child will be an awful traveler, unlike Sisi who has been a delightful travel buddy.  I figure we spack in as many trips as I can while we're still a family of 3! Edit: Did I just make up a word?  Spack? A combo of "sneak" and "pack"?  Nah, just a typo.
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I'm so stoked!


Angel @ May 10, 2013 at 2:46 AM  

i'm stoked for you... and totally jealy at the same time!! can i come?? :) xoxo

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