Friday, December 30, 2011

Instafriday already? life rearranged

A week of Christmas merriment, crafting, and old fashioned frolicking.  Best of all, Joe's been able to accompany us on all our adventures (yay for government jobs with LOTS of days off! don't hate!)

 Sisi and I went exploring at the coolest handmade mall, OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa.   Tons of boutiques selling eco-friendly and locally made goods.
look at those peonies!
 The highlight of the OC Mart Mix- Portola Coffee Lab, where the baristas wear lab coats and use mad scientist-like machinery.  It's all very complicated looking.  Best iced mocha I've had in a long time (although I was a hyper chipmunk allllll night long, and even woke up hyper the next morning.)

 Christmas Day with the family, cuddling with my sis' cavalier.
Handbeaded holly.
 Joe's family always has a paper fight after presents.  It goes on for an awkwardly long time, and I just huddle in a corner trying to find a happy place.
 A gift from our paleo friends.  It's delicious and has a high heat tolerance, which makes it ideal for frying.
 Anxious dogs benefit from doggy massages...
 My husband's very ugly but adorable felt gift tags.  He tried!
 Leftover cooler ice- closest thing to a "snow day" we Californians get!
 Strolling in Laguna Beach.

 A good dose of vitamin D from the sun, and minerals from the sand she kept eating. 

 I call these "amaze-balls".  Styrofoam balls covered in thumb tacks, which will be painted bright colors.  Making a ton of these for a special event coming up!  (thumb tack ball tutorial at Landee See, Landee Do)


Sarah January 1, 2012 at 10:45 AM  

Oh my goodness your headband is SOOOOO cute!!!!!

- Sarah

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