Proud Mama Moment: Siena Featured!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I posted this video a little while back.  Besides being sooo cute, what important lessons can we learn from Siena's break-dancing? Check out this post on Janet Lansbury's blog, Elevating Childcare, to find out!

I've linked to this blog before (when I talked about sharing here, and when I talked about play pens here) because it offered insights about nurturing babies' independence.  I could very well have been a hover mom, micromanaging Sisi's playtime, thinking that made me an involved parent.  I certainly started out that way.  But the RIE parenting approach that Janet advocates on her blog have helped bring joy and confidence to me as a mom, and helped Siena explore the world on her own and come up with the coolest ways of entertaining herself, like breakdancing (which she did right in the middle of Barnes and Noble today ;)  


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