Lovely New Bridal Creations

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ashleigh Taylor Henning, a super-talented and sweet photographer, asked me to provide a few fun and flirty accessories for a recent photoshoot. I always jump at the chance to participate in photoshoots.  I'm forced to think outside the box and create something new and fabulous on short notice.  Plus, in return, I get STUNNING images of my work like these.

Recognize this pretty face behind the mask?  That's my good friend Jodi, also known as my favorite Petal and Thorn model.  Just check out my site- she's plastered all over it :) 

 This black, white, and champagne mask is inspired by one of my favorite flowers, the anenome.  I decided to go a bit abstract, and used handmade black tassels as the characteristic black stamens.  Add va-va-voom feathers and a flirty black beandeau veil, and you've got one vivacious accessory!

 I also made a floral crown to complement the mask made of braided satin and fabric anenomes.

Kelly is wearing a super sweet pink silk and lace bow with spotted white veil.  It's a headband, so it's an effortless bridal accessory.  No combs, no fidgeting.  BTW, how striking are Kelly's blue eyes?

I've posted the making of this cocktail hat before, but never had a chance to really photograph and list it.  This photo definitely does it more justice than my silly cell phone pics :) 

Thanks again Ashleigh, Jodi and Kelly!  So fun to be a small part of the action. 


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