Instafriday 4/27/2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

life rearrangedInstafriday time!

We started the week off with car troubles.  Broke down on the way to church.
 Sisi waved and said "bye bye" to our car as the tow truck drove away.  She seemed a little confused.
 What's that Sisi's trying to get her hands on? 
 Our new favorite treat from trader joe's!  Super thin slices of Korean mandarin oranges (I guess they are a special tart variety) freeze dried and extra crispy.  That's something I miss on the paleo diet- crispy snacks. Only downside is TJ's majorly skimped-  you open the bag all excited and it's 75% empty. 
 Met up with Christina and Trista to admire this little guy. 
 Joe had this extremely chunky, ghetto cell phone for 6 years.  It finally bit the dust! The verizon guy literally laughed at him when he walked in. Joe chose the 2nd cheapest phone in the store, although it's light years beyond this one.  As you can see, he's totally not into techno gadgets, despite his job as a computer engineer. 
 More rainy day play.
 My herbs are growing!  It's a miracle!  Hey, maybe I do like gardening!
Then I notice these orange spots all over my new flowering vines.  I look closer, and they are BUGS.  EWWWWW.  Aphids according to google.  I sprayed them with soap, but they are still going strong.   For the record:  I do not like gardening.  It's dirty and unpredictable and there are bugs.  I like hobbies where I can control the outcome, like crafting or painting my toe nails.

 Joe zipped over to the mall after work to spend time with his girls.  Here we are in Banana Republic, with another free Nordstrom balloon :)
 Looks like Joe in the above pic, and me in the bottom pic. 
Ciao darlings!!!


courtney toney April 30, 2012 at 9:29 PM  

We always hit up the free nordstrom balloons :)

Hooray for your herbs! Mine are surviving too... except cilantro. That guy hit the dust while we were out of town. I'd be so grossed out by those bugs. Thankfully, david does the majority of the gardening :)

Megan B.B. May 5, 2012 at 3:16 PM  

I love that you said that you enjoy toe panting more than gardening. I completely agree. I hate bugs and FREAK OUT when I see one. lol.
Such a wiener.
Megan @

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