Costa Rica Shopping List Part 1

Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're going to Costa Rica in January!  My interest in this region was piqued 10 years ago when I wrote an essay about eco-tourism in Costa Rica for my Ocean Geography class.  CR sounded amazing, but I was far too wussy and comfort-seeking to ever go somewhere that adventurous- with giant bugs, rainforest wildlife, and sparse eco-lodging.

Ironically, we think right now is the perfect time for this adventure, toddler and all. Everytime I take a vacation with Siena, whether it's across the country or 4 hours away to Santa Barbara, I am always pleasantly surprised at how adaptable she can be.  I walk away from the trip a more confident mommy, better able to problem solve and go with the flow.

Plus,  I've changed a lot since college.  I now long for more "authentic" (anthro classes taught me to hate that word, but oh well) travel experiences.  I am fascinated by nature, God's beautiful creation, and would rather surf and hike on a vacation than shop and eat.  I repeat, I've changed A LOT. 

I also realized that as soon as Sisi turns 2, we will have to pay for her plane tickets in full.  Well, that lit the fire under my booty to get to Costa Rica before her next birthday!  I booked the tickets and plan on paying for the entire trip with Petal and Thorn profits.  So you bet while I'm stitching hats and curling petals, I'm daydreaming about the Caribbean Coast, where we'll be staying. 

First up on my shopping list, a cute one-piece swimsuit with cutouts, although not side cutouts that will display my lovehandles. I'm talking about cute front cutouts and simple detailing around the bust to make the suit special (and unlike something my nana would have worn.) As a pear shape, anything to draw the eye upward to my more in-shape upper half is a good thing.  I also hate wearing rash guards so I need a one-piece to save my belly from wax-burn.

I thought these suits were fun, festive and flattering. Question: Why is it that one-pieces with cutouts sometimes come across as way more sexy than bikinis?  They cover much more skin than the 2-pieces I'm used to wearing.  I'm pretty small busted, so I assume none of these will look too va-va-voom on me.

Which is your favorite? 
One Piece Swimsuits with Cutouts


Sarah July 2, 2012 at 10:32 AM  

Good call on traveling before needing to pay for her ticket. You are going to have SO much fun. The planning process is a blast too. How neat!

- Sarah

Rachel July 2, 2012 at 10:45 AM  

I like that navy blue cut out one! Just make sure you buy a couple and try them on. I'd forgotten how much harder it is to get a one piece that fits vs. a bikini. Torso lengths vary a lot!

Costa Rica is going to be amazing!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn July 2, 2012 at 12:48 PM  

good point rachel! bikinis are easy- don't even need to try them on.

Aime Nagel July 2, 2012 at 1:24 PM  

So glad you are going to take this trip! I think that navy suit looks adorable but also loving the Kenneth Cole one for a little more color!

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