Best Sippy Cup for Sisi and Me

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anyone else searching for the perfect water bottle?  I've gone through 4 or 5 in the last few years.  We've tried nalgene, metal, plastic travel cups, even the sexy glass bottles.  They were all either too big to fit in my car's drink holder, hard to clean, leaky, or way to breakable for my butterfingers.

This stainless steel insulated bottle by contigo is PERFECT.  We got a twin pack at costco, but it's available here on amazon.

contigo insulated bottleWhy I Luuuuv It:
-I left it in my hot car for hours- water was still ice cold!
-The flip top is well designed.
-The straw is more like a big nipple, or an adult sippy cup.  A little weird, but it's a pretty efficient way to drink and you don't have to lean your head back.  
-It's sleek and easy to hold- fits in my cup holder just fine.
-No condensation!
-Best part- Sisi can even drink from it super easily!  We use the tilty cup for Siena at home. It's a great, easy to use training cup for babies. But it's awkward to travel with, so now Sisi and I just share the contigo when we're out and about.  One less thing to carry! 

Or you could just stock up on coffee shop cups, which for some reason make water taste super delish! (i'm remembering the days when a plastic cup could entertain this child for at least 30 minutes. now? not so much!) 


Freckles Chick June 11, 2012 at 9:38 AM  

So precious, that pic of Sisi! I know what you mean, we're in that stage where a plastic spoon will occupy Q's attention so we can eat our dinner. This stage won't last long so we're soaking it up.

A friend got Q a steel Camelbak & so far she's only interested in the nippley straw part, HA!

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