2nd Generation Lovey

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Think she'll notice the difference? 

original on the left, ebay find on the right
Sisi started to fall in love with ducky at about 10 months old.  He's the only lovey she's ever asked for by name or even noticed is out of sight.  This means he rarely gets a bath. When he does, I have to let her put him in the wash and say "bye bye" as we close the top.  Think he looks ragamuffin in the pics?  That was just a few days after being washed!

I realized if I'm smart, I better find a replacement online in case we ever lose him.  And being the airhead I am, it's quite likely I will, since we've gone through 6 previous loveys before introducing ducky.  We've had a few close calls with ducky, to.  o

Gund no longer makes ducky, but I was able to find him on ebay.  Phew!

When I gave her new ducky, she sniffed him and did a double-take.  But then she hugged him and stroked his fur and said, "Oh duggie duggie duggie".  

Lesson learned:  next child will have a lovey that is in stock.  I will buy 5 of them, and rotate them so they are all the same level of threadbare. 

Also, I must keep the two duckies separate.  If she ever sees both of them together, she might lose her whole sense of reality and her world might come crashing down.  :)


Sarah May 24, 2012 at 10:38 AM  

Hahahaha you are hilarious! So smart too. You'll have to tell us how it goes ;)

- Sarah

Rachel May 24, 2012 at 11:05 AM  

You're so smart! And sneaky.

I think seeing two duckies at once would be the equivalent of time traveling and accidentally running into your past self - everything is ruined!

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