Siena is 16 months!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It was the Month of the Duckie.  In the last few weeks, Duckie has gone from just a dear friend to a full-blown obsession.  It's the first lovey she's really and truly bonded with, and his absence is painful for her.  We've witnessed desperate tantrums because Duckie is out of her line of sight.  When Duckie is in her clutches, Siena instantly unwinds and relaxes.  She rubs him against her cheek and caresses the soft (extremely dirty) fur.
  (Duckie is actually a fuzzy coat with a duck hood given to Siena by her sweet cousins in Tennessee. Marcie and Aaron- you have no idea how valuable that gift has been to her!)

 She wasn't very jolly this morning, so Joe snapped a lot of this:  "blah face."

 And even some grumpy floor sprawling.
Sisi at a glance:
  • more words- fishy, babbeeee (balloon), all done, nigh nigh
  • still working on her walking skillz
  • suddenly stretched out, jumped to a size 2t, and lost some of her fat rolls.  thankfully, she still has those irresistable chubby cheeks.
  • i told myself by 16 months we'd stop breastfeeding for good, but i think we'll hold onto the morning feed for just a while longer.  even if she's only getting a few ounces, it's still a few less ounces of super pricey raw milk to buy. and i am just not ready to shut down breastfeeding completely because that will mean she's really a toddler and i'm in denial. 
  • has regressed to 2 naps most days (a short 15 min catnap and then a long 2 hour afternoon nap.)  she's extra tired these days and i suspect that walking has a LOT to do with it!


Buttrphli May 21, 2012 at 7:56 PM  

Kristin! These photos look like stock advertising photos; SiSi would make the most beautiful baby model! Her eyes are so captivating...

Thanks for your updates. They always cheer me up!

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