Instafriday 5/11/12

Thursday, May 10, 2012

life rearranged

It's Instafriday time!  Which is basically show and tell, via cell phone pics.

I still have no car :{ It's beyond repair, and we're brainstorming which new vehicle to buy.  I honestly wasn't ready to get rid of my crappy little sentra, but that's life.  So it was another homebody week with lots of walks to the local strip mall, sometimes twice a day.  I started making excuses to go, just to get us out of the house.  For example, we walked all the way there just for a cupcake sample.

I whipped up an emergency mask that I made and shipped in an hour.  Phew!  Stressful!
 I LOVE the Lisa Leonard spoon I won via Joyful Joyful's giveaway!  It's supposed to be for Siena, but I stole it.  3 baby spoonfuls of erythritol is perfect to sweeten my coffee. 
 Here I am waiting on the curb for my sister to pick me up.  And it was right then that I realized I dressed like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (peanut butter booties, chocolate brown tights, and orange dress.)  Too late to change!
 My little rockstar!  But really, do baby sunglasses serve a purpose?

 Beach day!  I love Orange County.
 First time WALKING into church, holding hands with her Auntie and Uncle.
 Being carless, we did lots of strolling. 
More strolling.More strolling.  At least our neighbors are friendly :)
And we played in the yard most of the day.

 We happened to run into my sister and her Cavalier King Charles.
 Sisi got new kicks.  These nikes are the closest thing to baby vibrams I could find.  Not the most fashionable, but I do believe toddlers should wear VERY flexible, comfy shoes.
  Basil is always the last one to wake up.
Sisi's molars are breaking through, which is making her a bit of a crabby pants. 
How was your week?  Do tell!


courtney toney May 15, 2012 at 2:41 PM  

Since I loved your bullet points on mine, I'm going to copy :)

*the buns in the playing with water picture. oh my cuteness.
*We should totally meet at the beach in san clemente!
*LOVE the spoon :)
*Glad you are enjoying your stolling time. Making the best out of a bummer of a situation. Now you get to be all OC in your convertible
*I cannot believe she keeps her sunglasses on! Hudson rips off anything I put on his head. Hats, sunglasses. Not a chance. Good thing he's not a girl because I'd be super sad if he wouldn't keep hair accessories on :)

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